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Enlightened Minds (EM) — a specialized entity that focuses on business growth for companies. The primary objective is to expand established businesses into the Middle East.

We secure shares based on proven business models and Go-to-Market strategies. We focus on investing exclusively in established companies with monetized subsidiaries for investment safety.

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Master of Business Administration with a specialization in Corporate Management. Investor. 27 years of experience in investing, equipping, and managing medical facilities and real estate.
Alexander Nikolaev is one of the partners in the company Visionary Minds with a focus on working with large investors and high-tech projects. He is a partner in Veligera Capital investment company. The company's strategy is focused on investments in high-tech companies with high growth potential. In addition to investment activities, Alexander is co-founder and CEO of a group of online TV companies: ViNTERA.TV (resident of Skolkovo, MinTsifry), HD MEDIA and NPK ERA. Representative of the investment holding Enlightened Minds (Dubai, UAE) in the Russian Federation. Co-founder of the Business Chess Club "Game of Kings" (Moscow, Dubai).
He has been doing business in the UAE for 20 years. Founder of LWK Group. Brought more than 50 companies to Dubai. Owner of a group of companies in Dubai: real estate, concierge service, clinics, schools, business clubs, venture capital fund, event organizers. Mentor, coach.
Danish, the founder of Burj Financial, has decades of experience in investment management, having led the investment division of a major regional private endowment and held senior positions in private banking at one of Europe's largest private banks. His extensive knowledge spans fund management, capital raising, and corporate finance, both in conventional and innovative sectors. Danish's expertise in FinTech and RegTech, particularly in Blockchain-based product development, aims to enhance investment safety. He holds degrees in Economics and Journalism, a Level 3 Investment Management Certificate, and is a Chartered Financial Analyst Level 1 and a member of the UK Society of Investment Professionals.
Private investor since 2018, specializing in investment projects in Switzerland, Spain, Germany and the UAE. Held the position of Chief Accountant at DLA Piper UK LLP in Germany, where he managed the accounting department, and successfully implemented company development projects.




We embrace innovation and strive to continuously explore new ideas, technologies, and strategies.



We remain flexible and adaptable to changing market conditions, emerging trends, and evolving client needs.



We conduct our business with honesty, transparency, and ethical principles.



We empower our clients with knowledge, resources, and support.


Our primary objective is to create revenue streams and scale up small businesses. We provide comprehensive services to our clients and empower our employees to pursue entrepreneurial aspirations. Our dynamic workplace encourages learning, personal development, and exploration of new opportunities. With visionary leaders, we inspire and support our team to become future business leaders. We embrace collaboration, trust, and exchange of ideas to create mutually beneficial partnerships, investments, and new projects. Together, we build a legacy of prosperity and entrepreneurial success.


  • 1.   Foster curiosity
  • 2.   Do not make assumptions
  • 3.   Maintain Objectivity
  • 4.   Ask Questions
  • 5.   Focus on Results
  • 6.   Embrace Change and Growth
  • 7.   Foster Effective Communication
  • 8.   Take Accountability
  • 9.   Continiously upgrade knowledge
  • 10.  Build a Strong Personal Brand and Network
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